Client Service:

In the event you are unable to reach our office, you may call 1-800-251-0080, ext. 2 for service-related matters.


Checks sent in for deposit into your accounts should be made out to:

N.F.S. fbo [account registration] 

The account registration is the title of the particular account and may be just your name, your name plus IRA, or a trust title (abbreviated version acceptable). Example: John Smith has a rollover check from his previous 401(k), and a deposit to make to his revocable trust. He would have the checks made out like this:

N.F.S. fbo John Smith IRA
N.F.S. fbo John Smith Rev. Trust

N.F.S. stands for National Financial Services. FBO stands for "for benefit of."

Checks for financial planning specifically should be made payable to Commonwealth Financial Network®.