The purpose of initial consultations, which take place in person or by phone, is to review your overall financial situation, answer questions about your current holdings, and discuss your goals and the best ways to reach them.  At the end of this meeting, we will decide what the next steps should be.  We may schedule another meeting for the presentation of your formal financial plan and/or to do necessary paperwork, depending on what you decide to do.

Review meetings are for current clients who want to make sure they are still on track.

To request a meeting, please go to the Appointment Requestpage. The Documents page lists the kinds of information we will need to make our meeting most productive. (Current clients, of course, do not have to provide statements on any assets that are currently being held here.)  If you would like any forms to help you get organized, you may visit the Worksheet Requestpage.  

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting with you!